Our Spirituality

We use the spirituality exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola to assist us find God’s will for us. The Bannabikira are called to find God in every action they undertake, in every apostolate, and in every circumstance, the Sisters seek to discover the hand of God and his generosity. While deeply rooted in Christ, the Bannabikira live the spirit of motherhood.  At the climax of this spirituality is our daily participation of the Eucharist because all we ever aspire for revolve around the daily Mass and adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

 Daily Mass

( The daily mass for the Bannabikira sisters is the pivot point in their religious life. )


( Bannabikira Sisters find strengths in adoring the lord in the Blessed Sacramen. )


The Blessed Virgin Mary’s Feasts

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, holds a very special place in the Bannabikira’s Congregation. She is the Mother whom every Munnabikira must and should emulate. The Bannabkira earnestly ask Mother Mary to pray for special blessings for humanity and in special way, they present the needs of their benefactors, their families, and the people who pass through their hands…

1st January is the feast of Mary’s Motherhood: on this feast every Munnabikira is urged to meditate deeply the Charism of the Congregation. We are renewed in the vigour with which we render our services which should be seasoned with the Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was this gift that enabled her to ponder what was beyond the human heart, for example, the reply she received from her 12 year Child Jesus after being lost for three days, Luke 2: 50. Likewise, the Bannabikira Sisters are expected to understand and give the benefits of the doubt of the peoples’ circumstances around them.

25th March: Annunciation:

From this feast the Munnabikira Sister learns the deep meaning of her Yes to God’s call to religious life. Praying and meditating on this feast the Sisters pray with the Church that the entire human race “may become more like Christ who chose to become like one of us.”[1] Hence the Sisters in humble humility urge Mother Mary help them to bring Jesus in the waiting world.

21st November Her Presentation: this is the feast when each sister in our Congregation privately renews her commitment to God.

The rest of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 15th August: Mary’s Assumption into heaven; 8th September: Her birthday; 8th December: Her Immaculate Conception are celebrated with the same reverence as those numerated above.


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Jesus says to every Munnabikira:
Go, therefore, make disciples of all nations, baptize them in the name of Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to observe all the commandments.” Matthew: 28:20

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Health Ministry

“May they have life to the full”. John:

Health ministry is as old as the congregation itself. Since we are guided by the spirit of motherhood, each Munnabikira Sister must have a basic knowledge of health care.

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In this area the Bannabikira sisters are called to work with women’s groups in clubs, teach in vocational schools, to reach out to children and people with disabilities such as the deaf and mute,

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