Our Charism

The charism of religious congregation refers to the distinct spirit that animates a religious community and gives it a particular character. Thus the Bannabikira’s charism is what it takes to be a Munnabikira Sister. Therefore our Congregation was founded to carry out apostolic work. Our aim is to spread the kingdom of God in effort to bring about the salvation of souls through the four major ministries: catechesis, education, health care and social development.

(Bannabikira Sisters live their Charism among Karamongs)

But what makes our apostolic work unique is the fact that all is done in the Spirit of Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary who by her very act of giving birth to Jesus brought hope of salvation to the human race. Likewise every Munnabikira is a sign of that hope for the people whose lives she touches as she ministers to them, Luke 8:19 -21 and John 19:25 -27.

(We extend our motherhood spirit to the young ones in Nursery Schools)

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Jesus says to every Munnabikira:
Go, therefore, make disciples of all nations, baptize them in the name of Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to observe all the commandments.” Matthew: 28:20

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Health Ministry

“May they have life to the full”. John:

Health ministry is as old as the congregation itself. Since we are guided by the spirit of motherhood, each Munnabikira Sister must have a basic knowledge of health care.

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In this area the Bannabikira sisters are called to work with women’s groups in clubs, teach in vocational schools, to reach out to children and people with disabilities such as the deaf and mute,

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