Tororo Region

Tororo region is in the Eastern side of Uganda in Jinja Diocese.It has seven convents,three health centers and three schools. This region streches upto Karamonja.

Tororo Region has its headquaters in Nawanyago Convent in Jinja Diocese.It cosists of Nawanyago,Jinja

The list below includes all the schools which are found in this region;

  • Nkokonjeru Catechism: (1919- closed), Lugazi Diocese
  • Namiryango Catechism: (1920- closed) Lugazi Diocese
  • Iganga in Busoga Catechism: (1923- closed)  Jinja Diocese
  • Budini, Busoga, Catechism (1923- closed), Jinja Diocese
  • Jinja Parish: Catechism, Bishop’s Secretarial duties, Social Work (1969-present) Jinja Diocese
  • Ngora Mission in Tororo: Primary School (1967 – 1999), Tororo Archdiocese
  • Kyere Mission: School and Catechism (1967 – 200.) Tororo Archdiocese
  • Situmi  Mission: School and Catechism ( 1967-) Tororo Archdiocese
  • Kidetok Mission in Tororo: Primary School (1967 – 1997), Tororo Archdiocese
  • Nawanyago Parish Caatechism and Social Work (1972 – present) Jinja Diocese
  • Bududa in Bugisu: Catechism (1988- present), Tororo Archdiocese
  • Losilang in Karamoja: Medical services, Catechism & Social Work (1989 –present) Kotido Diocese
  • Buchunya in Bugishu: Catechism. School & Social Work (2001- present), Mororto Diocese
  • Nabiretuk Convent in Moroto: School (2011- ) Moroto Diocese
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Jesus says to every Munnabikira:
Go, therefore, make disciples of all nations, baptize them in the name of Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to observe all the commandments.” Matthew: 28:20

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Health Ministry

“May they have life to the full”. John:

Health ministry is as old as the congregation itself. Since we are guided by the spirit of motherhood, each Munnabikira Sister must have a basic knowledge of health care.

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In this area the Bannabikira sisters are called to work with women’s groups in clubs, teach in vocational schools, to reach out to children and people with disabilities such as the deaf and mute,

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